Emacs Eask
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This document helps you troubleshoot Eask.

🚩 Possible Error Variables

Some potential variables can cause faulty Eask, please check:

  • Emacs is installed and set up with PATH
  • Eask is installed correctly
  • Node version should be 14.x or above

⛔️ Error when running an Eask command

If you run an Eask command and get an error, there are a few things you can try:

  • Make sure that you have the latest Eask version. You can determine the current Eask version with eask --version.
  • Upgrade Eask with eask upgrade-eask or npm install -g @emacs-eask/cli@latest if you chose to install from npm.

⚠ Warning

If you installed Eask with npm, then you should probably upgrade it through npm. Otherwise, you would just have to ensure the git is installed.

  • If the error persists, try to reinstall Eask from scratch.

If Eask still does not work, please report an issue to the issue tracker. Please include Eask output with the [–verbose 4] and [–debug] options enabled, to give us as much information as possible.