Emacs Eask
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πŸ”­ Finding Emacs

By default, packages are installed for the default Emacs, i.e., the one behind the emacs command. To pick a different Emacs, set the environment variable EMACS to the command name or executable path of the Emacs to use:

$ EMACS="emacs26.1" eask command

Note that installed dependencies are scoped on the version of Emacs. So when switching between versions you will have to install the dependencies for each:

$ EMACS="emacs26.3" eask install

There are, unfortunately, circumstances under which Emacs itself resets the EMACS variable in a way which conflicts with eask, in which case you can use the environment variable EASK_EMACS instead. Specifically, this problem effects: Emacs-26, for M-x compile, M-x shell or M-x term, for Emacs-27 and Emacs-28 only for M-x term.