Emacs Eask
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🏗️ Directory Structure

Running the eask create package generator from the command-line will create a directory with the following structure:

├── .gitignore
├── Makefile
├── Eask
├── README.md
└── {package-file}.el

Directory Structure Explained

The following is a high-level overview of each of the files.


Gitignore file, to ignore files you don’t like to include from your repository. By default, it already excludes files and directories that are generated by Eask.


Makefile that has already included basic tests for your package. It now has the following tasks be default:

  • Test build (packaging + installing)
  • Test byte-compile
  • Test checkdoc (style checker)
  • Test lint (package linter)


The generated document file. This is used to display the main page from your repository.


This is the main package file; where you should write your elisp code. If you attempt to create a multiple-file package; you would need to edit the Eask-file accordingly.