Emacs Eask
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πŸ”¨ Developing Eask

🚩 Prerequisites

To make changes to Eask, you should have:

  1. Node.js for the development environment.
  2. npm for the package manager.
  3. yargs for CLI parser.
  4. Emacs, 26.1 or above!

πŸ“ Building

To build the development environment, you would have to install Eask using the source method. Make sure you have set up the environment PATH variable, so you can call eask from the terminal.

After you have stepped through the installation, try:

$ eask locate

It should print out the location of your working Eask workspace. You should be able to identify the Eask workspace, even you have multiple Eask versions installed!

πŸ“ˆ Testing

Eask does not offer local testing, all our tests are accomplished using GitHub Actions. Please fork our repository, and push your changes to your fork. GitHub Actions should pick up the test for you!

Make sure you have GitHub Actions enabled in your repository (forked). Got to Settings -> Actions -> General -> Actions Permissions; make sure you have checked the correct options.